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Merger & Acquisition Litigation

Mergers and acquisitions are common today among publicly traded companies. Unfortunately, misconduct associated with these transactions also occurs. And the types of misconduct are both varied and far reaching.

Promisloff & Ciarlanto, P.C. litigates class actions on behalf of shareholders brought against officers and directors and others for wrongdoing in connection with mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions. The firm tailors its approach to these cases based on the individual facts and circumstances presented to ensure that the officers and directors have complied with their fiduciary duties both in terms of the price obtained, the process followed and the disclosures made in connection with the transaction. The relief sought can include an increase in the consideration paid to shareholders, the disclosure of all material information so as to ensure all shareholders are fully informed when voting on the transaction, or modifications and improvements to the terms of the transaction so as to ensure shareholders' rights are fully protected.

Legal Paperwork - Merger Litigation

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