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Shareholder Rights and Derivative Actions

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Shareholder Rights and Derivative Actions 

Promisloff Law, P.C. litigates shareholder derivative actions to address those situations where a corporation was harmed or is being harmed by the actions of its officers, directors and others. A shareholder derivative action is a unique type of action that is brought by a current shareholder on behalf of the corporation to address harm to the corporation itself and is a representative action where the relief obtained flows to the corporation as opposed to the shareholder. The underlying conduct that can harm a corporation and thus give rise to a shareholder derivative action is diverse and includes false or misleading financial statements, self-dealing by corporate insiders, conflicts of interest, insider trading, accounting improprieties, improprieties related to executive compensation and fraud or other unlawful conduct. Shareholder derivative actions can be an effective way to ensure that corporate mismanagement is rectified and the corporation is appropriately compensated for the harm caused by the actions of its officers and directors.

Promisloff Law, P.C. also litigates books and records actions. The right of a shareholder to examine the books and records of a corporation can be a powerful tool in investigating and exposing possible corporate mismanagement or wrongdoing. In the appropriate circumstances, books and records actions can result in the production of non-public documents that can be useful in evaluating a potential derivative action and determining the strength of a claim for corporate mismanagement or wrongdoing. 

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